Electronic medical record
14 Feb
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Electronic medical record

1 An electronic medical record includes information about a patient's health history. It can be used by all healthcare providers to help make recommendations about the patient's care. EMRs typically contain general information such as treatment and medical history about a patient as it is collected by the individual medical practice.

2. By implementing Electronic medical records (EMR), patient data can be tracked over an extended period of time by multiple healthcare providers. EMRs are designed to help organizations provide efficient and precise care. It can help identify those who are due for preventive checkups and screenings.  

3 With an  Electronic medical records( EMR) system, you can prescribe and order medication for patients online. Electronic medical records (EMR) software systems will provide links to articles, videos, and images that can help patients better understand their specific healthcare situation. 

4  Using  Electronic medical records(EMR) systems, patients can quickly and easily receive electronic copies of their healthcare information. In the event they choose to change healthcare providers, the patients' new healthcare provider will have a comprehensive understanding of their medical history and current state of health.

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