Privacy Policy

    Umdaa Healthcare Private limited is a registered company with office address at 8-1- 21/146, Surya Nagar Colony, Rethibowli, Tolichowki, Hyderabad, 500008. Umdaa healthcare is a platform for the doctors, healthcare providers, practioners, citizens, patients, their acquaintances. Umdaa healthcare is determined to better the quality of the healthcare ecosystem. We value your partnership in our journey for a better and healthy planet in the coming times. Umdaa healthcare private limited (Umdaa, us , we, our, company which also includes its affiliates) is the sole author and publisher of the internet resource and its mobile application both for the healthcare practitioners and for the citizens and health related videos posted in the social media like Facebook, YouTube, Linked in, Instagram, Whatsup etc. These offerings are hereby called as the “Healthcare services”. We are committed to uphold the dignity of each and every User on healthcare and shall pay the utmost sincerity and attention in safeguarding and protecting the personal information of our users to the best possible extent in our capabilities.


    The “Users” of the healthcare services are here citizens using our services, citizens who visit our services without using them, citizens whose information is given by their acquaintances, health care practitioners who deliver the healthcare.


    Privacy policy explains about how we collect users information and health related data, family data, financial information, other personal data, demographics, behavioural information, socio economic information etc use it, analyse it , share it, store it and protect it and if required disclose and destroy it.


    Privacy policy is written in detail to show our commitment to your personal and health information. Your use of the healthcare services is subject to this Privacy policy and our terms of use as mentioned in our website.


    We strongly recommend the users to read and understand the privacy policy in detail before accepting it.


Giving consent:


    By using the healthcare services or by otherwise giving umdaa your information, it is understood that you have read,understood and agreed to the practices and policies and terms of umdaa as outlined inthe privacy policy. It is also considered that what ever be your mother language and your level of education or comprehension, you have translated or interpreted these terms and privacy policy in the language you better understand and agreed to it. You hereby give consent that you are providing your personal infromation with free voluntary will to umdaa to collect , use, analyse, share,store , protect , disclose and destroy your personal information and sensitive personal data as described in the personal policy. Umdaa reserve the right to change, modify, add, or delete portions of the terms of this privacy policy at any time at umdaa’s sole discretion. It is understood and implied that if you use these services on behalf of any body else (like your children, relatives, friends, employees, colleagues etc) , you are authorized in written consent by that entity or individual to give their personal information and you accept the privacy policy on such entity or individual’s behalf . It also implies that you gave consent on behalf of such entity or individual that umdaa can use their information as direct users as mentioned in the privacy policy. Further, you hereby acknowledge that the collection / receipt of your personal information by us is necessary for the purposes identified hereunder. . . If you do not agree with the privacy policy, at any time, please do not use the services of umdaa or give us your information. At any point if you feel of withdrawing consent please inform us in writing. In such a scenario of withdrawal of consent of privacy policy we may restrict you from using the healthcare services and have the option of not fulfilling the purposes for which the personal information was collected.


Editing of the privacy policy:


    Umdaa reserves its right to edit the privacy policy from time to time depending upon the aspects and the growth of the company. The time of the privacy policy can be accessed in a dedicated tab at the end of the privacy policy .Once Umdaa edits and updates the privacy policy, we will inform you (users) by sending in either an email or notification into the app, or SMS to your registered email id or phone number. Or even we may automatically log you out and request you to log in after accepting the privacy policy. You acknowledge that once you log in and accept privacy policy, this means you have read, understood and accepted our amendments of the privacy policy. In case you don’t want to accept you may leave the services provided by the Umdaa healthcare. If some aspects are not clear and you want further clarifications, you may write to us at for clarifications.


Collecting of personal information:


The kinds of information that We collect about You include but are not limited to the following:

  • Citizen/Patient/Caregiver/Doctor/Health Care Professional/ Healthcare Providers Name,
  • Birth date/age
  • Gender,
  • Address (including country and pin/postal code),
  • Location information, including Your GPS location,
  • Phone number/mobile number,
  • Email address,
  • Language of preference
  • Source of knowledge about doctor or healthcare provider.
  • Vital signs, Symptoms, Habits, History, Physical, physiological and mental health condition, Social and Financial information provided by You and/or Your Health Care Professional or accessible from Your medical records,
  • Old reports of personal medical records and history
  • Clinical images, audio files and video files
  • Health record information of your acquaintances or family members which you voluntarily store in Umdaa health services
  • Financial information at time of purchase of product/Services and/or online payment,
  • Login ID and password,
  • User details as provided at the time of registration or thereafter,
  • Records of interaction with our representatives
  • Your usage details such as time, frequency, duration and pattern of use, features used and the amount of storage used,
  • The type of health related topic and content consumed and shared and commented by you.
  • Your registrations, online bookings, SMS, chats with your healthcare providers and video consultations if done.
  • The investigation that you underwent and the medications you use and their compliances, side effects if any, costs etc.
  • Your day to day or progressive health related and other information
  • Master and transaction data and other data stored in Your user account,
  • Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, referring URL, files accessed, errors generated, time zone, operating system and other visitor details collected in Our log files.
  • User’s tracking Information such as, but not limited to the device ID, Google Advertising ID and Android ID
  • Any other information that is willingly shared by You (Collectively referred to as “Information- personal, sensitive personal and other information related to you”).


Method of personal information collection:


Umdaa healthcare collects your information (personal, professional, financial, behavioural, social, sensitive personal, medical) by the following methods but are not just limited to the following:

  • When you register with UMDAA website or application.
  • When you visit our website or channels including the social media channels like facebook, Linkedin, Whatsup or Youtube channel.
  • When you share your information to us in the Umdaa healthcare ecosystem for availing different services by Umdaa.
  • When you use the different services provided by Umdaa health care.
  • When your acquaintance( relative, friend, employer etc) shares your information in Umdaa healthcare in different services like the website, mobile application or in social media channels.
  • When your healthcare provider( practioners, doctor, nurse or other health care provider) gives us your information in the Umdaa healthcare services.
  • When you use the payment portals for availing the Umdaa healthcare services.
  • When you allow your device to access the camera, contact list etc.
  • When you accept cookies


Usage of information (personal, sensitive personal, financial, medical, social, behavioural)


Umdaa uses your information for different purposes but are not just limited to the following:

  • To understand customer or user choices for delivering better services
  • To improve our platforms like website and mobile applications
  • To understand the disease pattern, risk factors, demographic associations of diseases.
  • To understand the data based inference of the prevalence of the symptoms, presentations, complications of the diseases.
  • To understand the efficacy of medications on the outcome of the different aspects of the diseases
  • To have an insight into the required investigations on the type of symptoms, and its patterns and how investigations help in diagnosing better.
  • To have an insight on the side effects of the medications, its cost and socio economic factors in diseases more so in the chronic diseases.
  • To understand the financial and social behaviour regarding different aspects of health.
  • To do research of reducing the morbidity and mortality of the different disease conditions.
  • To understand our costing so that we improve
  • To understand the marketing aspects including promoting and advertising of the contents in our portals
  • To contact you regarding the aspects of your health like appointment bookings, availability of reports, pharmaceuticals, health related contents, promotional materials, vaccination schedules, review for checkups by SMS, app notifications, emails, Whatsup, social media , third party communication services, phones etc
  • To transfer and share information if we are merged or acquired by other company or along with other third party partners or service providers for analysing the information to get good business intelligence, health and medical intelligence and behavioural intelligence so that we can use it for bettering our services as well as to sell the aggregated non personalized information from these analysis to third parties or affiliates.
  • For legal purposes if required according to the law of the land.
  • To prevent , terminate or take action legally against the miscreants or suspected frauds for breach of the our terms of use or violation of our agreement terms
  • To protect ourselves legally and to take action legally against miscreants and other claims. To respond to the subpoenas and legal notices, court orders , government orders accordingly
  • For building up the profile of the users (doctors, health care providers, citizens , their acquaintances) in the website or the mobile application.
  • To share partial or complete information with our business partners so that they can help us to deliver the goals and services in the best interest of both the users and Umdaa healthcare.
  • You acknowledge that ,if partial or complete personal information of YOU is used in inappropriate manner by one or more of your healthcare providers or practioners, the liability of such misuse is purely with your healthcare providers and Umdaa is not directly or indirectly responsible nor legally liable in such a situation.
  • Umdaa direct the healthcare professionals to follow all the protocols for usage of your personal information including taking your written consent for the objective they are intended to use and if it is acceptable to YOU and within the frame work of the ethical committee and law of the land.
  • Umdaa also directs the healthcare professionals and providers to maintain the decorum of the patient and doctors relationship (including other healthcare provider and professionals).
  • Umdaa encourages to understand the legal aspects and advice the healthcare providers or doctors or healthcare professionals to use the medications of their training according to the directions of the medical and dental council and the law.
  • Umdaa also alerts the short comings to healthcare providers of limitations of giving the advice by email or SMS or video consult without personal physical examinations.
  • Umdaa also alerts and encourages the healthcare professionals to be fully aware of the laws of telemedicine and be cautious about prescribing the medicines without proper personal physical examination depending upon the country in which you practice.
  • Umdaa also encourages and emphasized the citizens the importance of personal physical visit to healthcare professional.
  • Umdaa leaves to the discretion and using wisdom by the healthcare professionals in advising during emergency situations or other situations without physical examination.
  • The health information published in Umdaa is given by the experts in the field and with proper references.
  • We encourage evidence based medicine but also take the advantage of the experience and wisdom of the doctors regarding health related topics.


    In the above mentioned scenarios though not limited where in the users acknowledge that umdaa is just a medium of platform for doctor and patient relationship and any personal or financial loss or side effects of medications or investigations or racial abuse or personal physical attack or sexual advances or emotional insult or social loss or mental agony are by miscreants and umdaa is not legally liable in such a situation.


    Sharing and transferring of user’s personal information


    These are the few conditions in which we share, exchange and transfer your personal information but are not limited to the following only.


    The information which includes your personal information, sensitive personal information, medical and health related information, financial , behavioural, demographic, socio economic, acquaintances, social media interaction and other information that we collect is what is called in to as INFORMATION.


    For providing better services to you if your healthcare provider/ we can share or transfer your information predominantly the demographic and health or medical information with the other healthcare providers for better diagnosing and treating you.


    Your health care provider / we can share or transfer your information for the research purpose or epidemiological purpose to understand the disease patterns and its expression, the responses of different treatment aspects for better results of you as well as people having similar health related conditions or society or humanity in general.


    We can share / transfer your information with our partners, affiliates, employees, third party service providers, who help us to understand different aspects of the demography, habits, health, behaviour, financial aspects and other predictable or unpredictable aspects for understanding health in totality . Such information is used by us for understanding the health ecosystem for betterment of Umdaa as well as you.


    You acknowledge that this information is shared and transferred across borders into different countries and within the country. The security of the information at different countries may not be stringent. The agencies with which this information is shared may be from different countries. The privacy policy and security of such an information in different countries and different agencies or partners or affiliates vary according to their privacy policy and law applicable in such places. These data protection laws may not be as good as the one in your country. Though we take due precautions while making contracts in terms and conditions with these third party agencies, affiliates and partners for handling the personal information. If there is leakage or negligence of the information by these agencies, you acknowledge that Umdaa healthcare is not legally liable.   

    You acknowledge that in case where the information is required by the courts, law, government , then we are obliged to follow the rule of the land and has to share, disclose and transfer the information. This information may be partial or complete including your personal information, sensitive information, financial information, socio economic, demographic as well as behavioural information. Such type of information is generally asked by the government or the courts in case of verification of identity or for prevention, investigation or prosecution and punishment of some miscreants or sometimes if the personal and medical information helps to prevent or curtail endemic or epidemic or communicable diseases or a few non communicable diseases. If the rule of the land directs us to do so in which ever the country it is , we are obliged to follow it. You understand these aspects / conditions of sharing, disclosing and transfering your information including sensitive information whether partial or complete and henceforth consenting for it .


Publishing of information:


    You acknowledge and give full voluntary information to your healthcare provider or doctor or umdaa to use your information either partially or totally and publish your information according to the norms of the ethical committee of the appropriate body authorized for it. These publications are generally done in the scientific community to share and increase knowledge of different aspects of the health. Sometimes this information may carry your images and the video but sensitive personal and identification aspects will be hidden by us if we publish in the public forum. You acknowledge this aspect and give us full voluntary consent for the same.


Permissions :


    If you access our website or download our mobile application and accept our privacy policy it is understood that you acknowledge and gave us some permissions. These permissions are listed below though not limited.


    Write/ draw/take images/ take video/ read/ modify/ delete information or data in relation to the application or website on your device’s storage either within the device or the server.


    View and access information regarding the networks, their type and their accessibility and band width. These networks and their accessibility is used to send and receive information.


    Determine your approximate location from sources like but not limited to mobile towers and the Wi-fi networks or phone or device location if simcard is used. Even exact location is determined from sources like GPS and others


    Viewing and also accessing the device information like IMEI number, operating system information, phone number as the model number of your device.


    Such access of the device, location and network helps us to better provide services including sending as well as pushing of the notifications and updates of the services etc.


Using cookies:


    Cookies are small pieces of data that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. By accepting and setting a cookie on your browser , you may not have to login the password more than once there by saving time and effort. You acknowledge that we may store temporary or permanent cookies. You may configure your browser to alert you when we attempt to send you a cookie. Whether to accept cookie or not is upto you. If you do not accept it you may not be able to access and use certain features of the website or applications.


Security of personal information:


    Umdaa is committed to provide good platform to users (both the healthcare providers and the citizens). One of the features of most importance to us is the data security regarding the information of the users which may be general personal information or sensitive information, information regarding the family members, financial, socio economic , health and behaviour related information. We have adopted the reasonable levels of security check to safeguard your information. Multiple checks are in place. Like login with passwords, encryption of data, disclosing only the required features or information to the affiliates or the partners or third party facilitators and safe methods to transfer the information . You agree and acknowledge that these measures are adequate and secure enough.


    You acknowledge that Umdaa healthcare will share either part or full information about you to our partners, third party service providers, employees , analysts, our affiliates and agents. The information that is shared is in accordance to the privacy policy to fulfil our commitment to provide better and comprehensive services to you. We will take due measures by these people to abide by the rules of the privacy policy. You also acknowledge that if any of these people breach the commitment and leak the personal information of you , Umdaa is not held responsible for the same.


    Though our intentions and commitments are true to safeguard your information to the best possible extent that we can do depending upon our limitations by adopting the reasonable and appropriate steps to prevent transgressors accessing the information. You acknowledge that internet is not fool proof. There are so many hackers trying to hack the information. So we will not be able to give you absolute surety and assurance of protecting your information.


    You acknowledge that your information is easily accessed by the people whom you give access like your employer, your relative or acquaintances who registers and books your appointments, your acquaintances who also maintain your information as well as the doctors and healthcare providers whom you or your care takers or healthcare providers share information. In case you are a secondary user or you could have given access either directly or indirectly to other your acquaintances or health care providers to access your information both personal, health related and sensitive information, in such scenario the primary users or your acquaintances or healthcare providers who access your information may be a source from where your information may be leaked. In such a scenario you acknowledge that Umdaa healthcare is not liable nor in any way responsible for disclosure or loss or leakage of your personal information.


Regarding third party links:


    You acknowledge that in the services we provide to you, there may be instances where we provide or include links and hyperlinks of other third party websites. Sometimes it may be possible that you may include the links and hyperlinks of third party websites. Such listing of third party websites during interaction with Umdaa healthcare does not imply that we endorse them. These websites are governed by their terms and conditions and privacy policy. We suggest that the Users show the discretion and read and understand there terms and conditions and privacy policy of these third party websites. You also acknowledge that we neither make representations regarding the availability and performance of any third party websites nor we are responsible for the content , terms of use, privacy policy of such third party websites.


Updating your information:


    In case you need to update your personal information you can contact our to update it along with the reason for updating. You can also contact in case you find the information is incorrect or not properly processed from our end. Our caretaker will look into the aspects and do all appropriate steps to update in reasonable period of time.


Compliance with laws:


    You acknowledge that you should not be using these services of the Website or Application if any of the terms of this Privacy Policy are not in accordance with the law of the land or country in which you live.


Term of storage of personal information:


    You acknowledge that the personal information given by you, the clinical information, both general and sensitive information is stored by the Umdaa healthcare private limited by adopting a reasonable security practices and procedures. The time and duration of storage of the information will be for about 1 year in case of the citizens application and for about 3 years in case of the doctors application from the date of unsubscription. In case some of the subscribers tend to discontinue the subscription, their information is no more maintained for usage by the users after the stipulated time period. Umdaa healthcare may store information for the internal analysis of different clinical , socio economic , financial and behavioural analysis of the information of such users.


Contacting us for grievances/ others:


    Umdaa healthcare has a grievances care taker to take care of any grievances regarding processing of the personal information. If such is the case, you are requested to write to our grievance care taker at grievancecaretaker@ Our employee will attempt to resolve your grievances in a timely manner as soon as possible.