UMDAA is a comprehensive Healthcare IT solution which is prepared by doctors by keeping doctors as the center of healthcare delivery. It can be used at one or more practice places, both in the OPD and IPD. It has different modules like doctors module, nurse module, front office module, pharmacy module, tele- consultation, lab module, digital marketing platform and also platform to provide and seek expert opinion from other doctors.
It is a cloud based online platform which can be accessed in all devices like Android, ios & Desktops.
You will require a good internet connection, a WiFi printer. Nurse applications can be accessed even by Android mobiles. Web based applications can be used by a desktop or laptop.
Yes, your data is safe. These are stored in servers which are HIPPA compliant with high levels of encryption. The patient's number and name are also 256 bit encrypted from our end.
It is a Doctor centered IT solution, and can be used in OPD, IPD, Multiple places of practice. Easiest to use, Department specific proforma, Checklists, dedicated Consent forms of each procedure and detailed Procedural notes which can be edited. Local language conversion of prescription instructions, pharmacy and lab integrated to prescription, citizens app where digital prescriptions and other reports can be shared. Both in person consultations and video consultations can be done. Protects doctor from medico-legal hassles. Features like expert opinion will help doctors to give and receive expert opinion to their colleagues and be compensated for that. Features of promoting one self by digital marketing to other doctors and citizens is there. We don't sell pharmacies and labs to your patients nor divert patients to other doctors.
We are having features of handwriting in our app. As you write on the paper in the same way you will be able to write on the app.
Using the Umdaa Doctors is quite easy. We will provide you with the instructional videos, and online support. There are features like handwriting and speech to text. If you are comfortable using a Smartphone then this app will also be easy.
No, we don't provide patients to you. We will help you to organize your practice, help you to earn more revenue, make your engagement with your patients better and help you to promote yourselves digitally.
If you can get the data from your previous vendor and give it to us our team will integrate it.
We provide even this facility, but it is not recommended because you will be losing the whole advantage of citizens app, digital marketing etc. the cost of servers and installation has to be borne by you and you will require a dedicated team to maintain the servers with huge investment for infrastructure of maintaining servers.
Easy to use modules .We have instructional videos of each and every step for easy on boarding of the staff. If required with an on screen sharing platform our team will train your staff.
You can try all the modules for two weeks and then if satisfied you can opt for our modules.
We have dedicated online training videos and customer care at your services.