Digital Marketing For Hospitals and Clinics


The online presence of hospital land clinics is the first impression for the patients, doctors, and all staff members. Every hospital has its own set of procedures, skills, and equipment.


Why Do Hospitals Need Digital Marketing?

  • Easy accessibility
  • Generate quality leads
  • Save Time
  • Get rank above competitors


Website Development for Hospital


            Website is the first impression and interaction of your hospital to the patients. You need a website to represent your hospital. UMDAA Healthcare has a team of experts in designing and developing a website for your hospital. 


SEO for Hospital Website


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best techniques for your hospital to be visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc,


If someone searches for your hospital on search engines, your website is not online and you lose your reputation, credibility, and future patients.


We are at UMDAA having a team of experts in SEO, from finding better match keywords for your hospital to optimizing your hospital website to rank top on search engines.


Local SEO


Local SEO is the mandatory service for hospitals or clinics to promote their services in their local areas. It is easy for patients to get all information about your hospital or clinic like opening hours, mobile number to book appointments, and services you offer.


Hospital Reputation Management


When someone searches for your hospital, first they look at your reviews about hospitals from past patients. Online reviews improve branding, credibility, and reputation.


Social Media Management


            In the present, billions of people are using social media to know something. Social media marketing is the best platform to increase your brand awareness and communicate with the patients.

            Using social media, you can post daily updates, posts, videos, and live interactions with the patients. Having a solid social media marketing strategy can win more patients.


Google Adwords

            Google Adwords is one of the paid promotion services in Digital Marketing. You can easily get brand awareness of your hospital in your budget. We at UMDAA have industry experts in the field of PPC to promote your hospital.


YouTube Marketing


            Hospitals or clinics can gain more patient's attention by uploading informative videos on YouTube channels. You can upload videos on your hospital interior, services you offer, patient reviews, and Q&A with doctors.


Why choose UMDAA as your Digital Marketing Agency?


            UMDAA Healthcare is the BestHealthcare Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad. We have a team of experts in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and Graphic Designers. If you are looking to promote your hospital or clinic connect with us.

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